Empowered by God, we create Dynamic Disciples who:

Worship Passionately
Pray Unceasingly
Love Unconditionally
Give Freely
Serve Willingly

As we are:
Led by the Word of God
Filled with the Spirit of God
Live under the authority of God

As we:
Follow the Son of God and
Build the Kingdom of God

Prince George’s Community Church is:

A  vibrant community of caring, compassionate and concerned Christians whose actions reflect their love of Jesus and their determination to be effective witnesses to His Word.
* * *
A place where everybody knows your name,
Where everybody’s glad you came,
Where church is more than a game.


Prince George’s Community Church aims to become a congregation that equips and empowers persons to:

Grow Spiritually
Engage Politically
Progress Economically
Develop Socially

(Matthew 28:18-20; Mark 16:15; Luke 24:45-47; John 21:15-17)
To make and “grow” disciples
To  teach and help them to walk worthy of the Lord
To  impact the world around us